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Get Out of Your Way :)

by Anne Vidovich on 03/18/13

When you spend time exploring and discovery yourself and your patterns in life, your ability to live from your highest potential and feel happy, fulfilled, and passionate increase exponentially.  This is a process and it requires time, commitment, energy, and courage.  It is easy to give up, take a break, feel overwhelmed or discouraged, or put it on your list of "somedays", but someday usually gets pushed aside.  Staying committed, moving forward (even small movements), breaking steps into small and manageable components, and being compassionate and loving with yourself during the process will keep you motivated to change and grow. 

Using a support system to keep your encouraged or posting quotes or motivating motto such as, "I want to change more than I want to stay the same" or "My commitment to growing and discovering more about my challenges matter more to me than staying stuck in my old ways."  It is  helpful to keep your goal in front of you with inspiring and motivating quotes or pictures. 

There is no one single destination to arrive to during your journey as your desires, needs, and goals will evolve and change as you experience small and large shifts.  All of these shifts matter and all of these smaller (or larger) changes build upon one other to move you forward with increasing self-awareness, becoming your highest self, and achieving your goals.

The journey is a huge part of the adventure.  Please try enjoy the entire journey (the ups and the downs) because it is our challenges, bumps in the road, and so-called mistakes that are so full of learning, richness, and beauty.  The steps you take and the mistakes you make will not only add to your growth and experience, it will allow you to absorb the value in the lessons.  If there is something (an experience for example) that continually shows up in your life, it might be worth exploring.  Chances are it is in your life to teach you a lesson.  Instead of wishing it was not present or complaining about it, take some time to reflect on what it might be teaching you.  If you speed through this process and try to sprint to the finish line, you will miss a lot of opportunity and potential for growth.  Stay gentle with yourself and keep showing up.

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty."  - Maya Angelou

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