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My Cup Runneth Over: Energy Fillers & Drainers

by Anne Vidovich on 03/18/13

Have you ever left a conversation and felt enlightened, inspired, or happier?

Conversely, have you felt drained, depleted, or just plain depressed after an interaction with someone?

These are commonly referred to as energy drainers or fillers and you can do something about these people.....

First ask: Do you have energy or energy drainers in your life?

The people you associate with have a significant impact on what you feel about the world, your daily mood, your interactions with others, and your outlook on life.  It would be great to have only positive and uplifting people in our lives, this is never the case. 

Tips on energy fillers

Try to surround yourself with positive people.

Get clear about who adds to your life.

Be an energy filler yourself and you will attract those type of people.

Make a plan to be around them and make sure you reciprocate their energy filling (be inspiring yourself!).

Tips on energy drainers (these can be tasks, people, responsibilities, self-limitations, or experiences)

Identify the people who drain your time or energy.

What boundaries can you set for those people who rob your energy?

How can you empower yourself to minimize their effect on you?

Do something nurturing for yourself after the encounter to refill your energy.  Some deep cleansing breaths, a talk with a friend who fills your energy, a quick walk, a favorite activity, or a few minutes of quiet just getting re-centered in your day can help tremendously.

Emotionally release from their toxicity by accepting them for who they are and not tying into their drama, complaining, chaos, or dysfunction.

You can learn to listen in a bit of a detached manner if you just set a boundary that you will not take on their "stuff" as your own.  

Stand in your own power and shine. 

Physically limit or distance yourself from those people who do not add to your life.

If it is a task or responsibility that drains your energy, what can you do to make it less draining, enlist support, or get rid of it in your life.

If your own thoughts, actions, or beliefs cause drains on your energy, think about what you can do to change the thought or action, ask yourself how can you change the thought or behavior, or how can you get support around this issue.

"People inspireyou, or they drain you; pick them wisely" - Hans F Hansen

Anne Vidovich, M.A. Claim Your Life Coach

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