Beginning Reading (Kinder and 1st grade) 

This book is made for children who are just learning to read or are misreading many words.  It will help with phonetic words to increase accuracy and teach blending and segmenting of simple words.  There are also suggestions and exercises to increase phonemic awareness, which is vital to reading success.
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Phonics Blends Made Easy (1st-4th grade) 

Children in kindergarten or 1st grade will get the support and instruction they need in this easy to use book on letter pals, blends, or phonics friends. They will learn how to recognize and apply the blends to increase phonics foundation, skills, and fluency.

Developing Fluency 

Our effective program can be enhanced in using these sentences, which incorporates the phonics learned from "Phonics Made Easy" and assist children in reading sentences as well as increasing the familiarity and speed in reading the sentences.  
Phonics Fun (fun activities with phonics blends) 

These fun activities will assist children who would like a more "activity-based" approach to learning blends.  These exercises help "mix it up" and help children creatively learn phonics.
Writing Fun 

This easy to use guide will painlessly help your child become a more organized and stronger writer. The pages are uniquely designed to make writing an easy-to-manage process.  They will learn to build stronger paragraphs, more complete ideas, and stronger detailed sentences.
A Love of Learning educational products have proven to be successful over a wide array of applications. We offer the same tools and approaches that we apply in our classrooms, but for use at home. The products offered are "no frills" and highly effective tools for bringing your child to the next level.  
Our Writing Curriculum assists children in developing
Idea Formation / Organization / Conventions / Grammar / Editing Skills
The "Do It Yourself" Option If you are not in close proximity to A Love of Learning  or would like to "do it yourself", purchase our proven reading, writing, or fluency programs and begin today.
Goal Setting and Creating the 
Life You Want  
(for parents & college students)
1. Clarify your goals
2. Manage Stress
3. Learn more constructive thinking
4. Learn to integrate happiness and gratitude into your day

Group and individual consultations (in person or phone) available.
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